William Bill Boehringer II (Junior)
Judgement Debtor

Information requested

As part of an extensive investigation into the activities of a UK registered company, Equity Trading Systems Limited (formerly known as Larn Limited, and a company that was placed into administration in May 2012, and subsequently into liquidation), and its sole director, Luis Nobre, many individuals and corporate entities have been investigated, interviewed by the Liquidator of the company, interviewed by the Metropolitan Police in respect of money laundering offences, proceeds of crime and fraud. To date, Nobre and two others have been charged [please see gallery]. A number of individuals and companies have been, or are being, pursued by the Liquidator to recover the funds.

In November 2011, Mr William Boehringer II received a significant sum from Equity/Larn, a company that does not appear to have traded, allegedly in exchange for providing professional services and reimbursement of personal expenditure incurred on behalf of the former director, Luis Nobre. The Liquidator challenged the payment to Mr William Boehringer II and sought an explanation as to why such a payment was justified. Given it did not relate to the business of the Company, the Liquidator asked for the money to be returned. Mr Boehringer failed to comply.

As the response and evidence supplied by Mr William Boehringer II was unsatisfactory, the Liquidator instigated legal proceedings. Those proceedings sought to claim back the money wrongfully paid to Mr Boehringer II, for the benefit of Equity/Larn's creditors. The application and supporting witness statement are attached and demonstrate why the claim was made. On 27 January 2015, the matter was heard before the High Court in London.

Based on a review of the evidence submitted, the Court concluded that no value or benefit had been provided to the Company in respect of this payment and that the Liquidator should be awarded judgement for the full sum claimed together with interest and costs. A copy of the judgement is also attached.

A sealed copy of the Judgement was formally served upon Mr William Boehringer II on 5 February 2015. Since this date, so far, Mr William Boehringer II has remained silent and not responded to approach or to resolve and settle this matter. Obviously in the event that the judgement and associated costs and interest are not recovered, then the Liquidator will consider serving a bankruptcy petition. It is hoped though that such steps can be avoided providing Mr William Boehringer II engages in the process and submits a reasonable settlement proposal.

The principal objective is to recover the funds payable under the terms of the judgement for the benefit of creditors. To do so, we would invite anyone who has knowledge of the business activities and the assets of Mr William Boehringer II, to contact us with whatever such information they have available. Whether Mr William Boehringer II was further involved in this matter (than the receipt of the monies which are the subject of the judgement) is presently unknown. An associate of Mr William Boehringer II, one Mr Brad Sarvak/ Emery Investments Inc. also received money and is also being sued by the Liquidator, the matter which will be heard by the High Court this year. Other persons being used by the Liquidator and/ or who the Metropolitan Police would be interested to meet include Marek Rejniak (aka Mark Reyniak - holding Polish and Canadian passports), Jon Li (a Taiwanese national mainly “trading” in Beijing) and Ali Nasir (a resident of Los Angeles California).

A further objective is to understand the actual “business” and affairs of Larn/ Equity and its controlling mind Luis Nobre, which had endeavoured to perpetrate a €100 million fraud against a Maltese company. Please contact us at mark.west@berley.co.uk – Liquidator.